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Our product

Your vanilla of choice

The days of customizing your own sensory profile and highlighting specific notes are here. Using a fusion of patented technology, deep knowledge of plant metabolism, and a data-driven approach, we produce vanilla beans that are not only the most vanillin-concentrated in the market, but also inspire new possibilities.

Reveal the potential

Choose your vanilla profile:

Pure Vanilla

Follows the sensory profile of vanillin, masking other aroma molecules and bringing out the natural sweetness of vanilla.

Smoky Vanilla

A smoky vanilla that brings the scent of natural wood and resin to life, with a charred yet sweet undertone. 

Brown Notes

The essence of vanilla rounded out with the robustness of deep, chocolatey scents and nuts roasted on an open flame.

Vanilla Floral

A romantic yet fresh profile, made with sweet flower and fruit aroma notes.

Caramel Notes

Roasted sugars and smoky caramels typify this sensory profile, bringing to mind freshly-baked pastries.

Vanilla that Inspires

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