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Our technology

Vanilla meets tech

As a vertically integrated, data-driven company,
we implement our know-how and patented techniques throughout the entire vanilla value chain.

Our solution blends smart vertical farming in greenhouses, novel indoor curing, and a fully automated process.
By doing so, we’re producing the world’s most concentrated natural vanilla while maintaining a stable supply chain, end-to-end.

Get to the roots of our technology
Agricultural Technology

Plant propagation

Our journey starts with Vanilla Planifolia tissue culture to ensure plants health. These mother plants are propagated in our nursery to produce the best orchids for our farmers.

Agricultural Technology

Climate-controlled greenhouses

At our first-of-its-kind agricultural vanilla R&D center, we’ve developed location-independent growing protocols that create optimal conditions all year long to maximize yield and quality.

Agricultural Technology

Selective harvest

We can simulate climatic conditions that trigger blooming all year long, to create continuous production.

Agricultural Technology

Year-round production

Each bean is picked at the end of its chemical maturation process, delivering consistent high aroma potential.

Post-Harvest Technology

Smart sorting

To optimize flavor formation and consistency, we use advanced imaging tools on a single bean level.

Data-driven indoor curing

Efficiently converting the full aroma potential to flavor components and dramatically increasing vanillin levels. Ensuring high production standards that meet food manufacturing regulations.

Altering vanilla aromas, naturally

We use a data-oriented approach to navigate the vanilla sensory profile through the natural metabolism of the vanilla bean. We’re constantly enhancing our technology to unlock new possibilities with a wide range of natural ingredients.

Vanilla to grow with

x20Vanilla yield per m² Above4%Vanillin concentration -25%Growth cycle time 0Food waste

Tailor-made aroma